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Lớp 11: Unit 3: A party

Listen to the video and write the missing words in the blanks:

1. My friends Park and Katie are a great couple together. They′re both really wonderful people, very nice, very  , very kind. They′ve known each other for more than ten years. They met in high school. They were high school sweethearts, then they were apart for a little while, but then they came back together. I′ve known Park since   and I′ve known Katie for a few years less, but they′re just both wonderful people and they′re great together.
A couple that I know that is well suited for each other are my parents. They met when they were very young and they′ve been together  , and they′re sort of opposites but they complement each other very well. My mother is very rational and my father is sort of a  , but they complement each other.
I have two friends who are now married. They′re perfect for each other because one teaches engineering to junior high students and the other is an engineer  .
My friends Monica and Andrew found each other freshman year of college, and although they were both raised in two different countries with very different morals and values, they really   each other out very well. And they compromise together, and they discover new things together, and talk about their future a lot – and sort of have to pick one way or the other for how to raise their own kids or how to start their future. But they definitely do it well.
My grandparents are very well suited to each other because they talk about anything and they talk about everything. And it gives us good values, I think. They′ve been married 55 years. And if you can be married for 55 years, then   something right.

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