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Lớp 7: Unit 11: Keep fit, stay healthy

Listen to the audio and write the missing words in the blanks:

1. The students of Quang Trung School are having a medical check-up. Hoa, Lan and Nga   in
their medical records and gave them to the nurse. Now they are waiting to see the doctor.
Nurse: Pham Thi Hoa?
Hoa: Yes.
Nurse: Follow me, please. First, I need to   your temperature.
Hoa: OK.
Nurse: Would you open your mouth, please? Thank you. That is 37oC. That′s normal.
Now I need to know your height. Would you   here please, so I can measure you?
Hoa: Like this?
Nurse: That′s fine. You′re one meter 45 centimeters tall.
Hoa: Wow! Last year I was one meter and 30.
Nurse: Now I need to   you. Would you get on the scales, please?
Hoa: Oh. I′m 40 kilos.
Nurse: That′s good. You can go back to the waiting room now. The doctor will   you in a few minutes.
Hoa: Thank you.

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