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Lớp 10: Unit 11: National parks

Listen to the video and write the missing words in the blanks:

1. Mikhail: Hello
Doctor: Hello, sit down. How can I help you?
Mikhail: Well, I′ve got this bad cough and I′m   all over.
Doctor: Have you got a  ?
Mikhail: I think so. I′ve been feeling very hot and I can′t sleep.
Doctor: When did this start?
Mikhail: About three days ago.
Doctor: Okay, I think you′ve got flu. The best thing you can do is go to bed for a few days, keep warm and drink as much water as you can. But I′ll write you a   anyway. Here, this should help with your   and it′ll help you sleep as well.. You need to take this three times a day.
Mikhail: Thank you doctor... and there′s one more thing...
Doctor: Yes...?
Mikhail: It′s a rash... on my  .
Doctor: Can I see? They seem okay to me...
Mikhail: No, they′re okay now. It was... last week...
Doctor: I see.
Mikhail: It was quite painful.
Doctor: Yes. Well, if it comes back...
Mikhail: And there′s one more thing, I was   yesterday and I fell over. I hurt my  ...
Doctor: Okay, let′s see...

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