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Lớp 12: Unit 2: Cultural diversity

Listen to the video and write the missing words in the blanks:

1. Mrs Morgan: Hello. Come in, Andrew, Elizabeth will be down in a  . Make yourself
Andrew: Thank you. What a lovely room.
Mrs Morgan: Thank you, yes, we like it.
Andrew: That′s a very interesting  . Do you mind if I have a look?
Mrs Morgan: Yes, of course. I′ll just tell my daughter you′re here. She′s  . Elizabeth!!
Mrs Morgan: Oh dear.
Andrew: I′m terribly sorry. I was just looking at it and it sort of   out of my hands.
Mrs Morgan: Oh.
Andrew: I′m so sorry.
Mrs Morgan: Don′t worry. It doesn′t matter, really.
Andrew: What a stupid thing to do. I do  .
Mrs Morgan: Don′t worry about it. It′s really nothing, it wasn′t all that valuable. Really, don′t worry about it.
Lizzie: So how did you   the vase?
Andrew: Well, I don′t know. When your mother shouted upstairs it made me jump and I kind of dropped it. It was an accident, honest!
Lizzie: Yes, I know. Never mind. I   liked it anyway.
Andrew: Yes, well I could see she wasn′t very happy about it.
Lizzie: Don′t take any  . I′m sure she likes you really.
Andrew: You think so?
Lizzie: I′m sure she does. Come on. It′s nearly time for  . You can come and help.
Andrew: Yeah, I will.
Lizzie: But make sure you don′t break anything!

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