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English 11: Review: Practice
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I. Choose the best answer for the following sentences:

1. This morning is cold. I ............... a warm clothes to school.
A. to wear
B. wear
C. wearing
D. wears
2. ............... are you doing now?
A. When
B. What
C. Where
D. Who
3. Life is so ............... but the knowledge is large.
A. large
B. short
C. heavy
D. big
4. How many ............... can you speak?
A. talks
B. word
C. languages
D. pronouns
5. How ............... do you go to the cinema ?
A. usually
B. always
C. often
D. sometimes
6. What is that? That ............... a head.
A. was
B. are
C. is
D. does
7. We are the ............... group in this club.
A. biggest
B. more biggest
C. big
D. bigger
8. A ............... of cooking oil.
A. can
B. all are correct
C. packet
D. bottle

V. Odd one out

I. Phonetics

II. Stress

II. Choose the underlined word or phrase that needs correcting:

1. What do you do in your free times?
A. in
B. do
C. times
D. What
2. I go often swimming in the summer.
A. go often
B. in
C. swimming
D. summer
3. Which is the matter with you? - I am tired.
A. tired
B. Which
C. matter
D. with

III. Read the passage and choose the correct answer:

Carrots, tomatoes, and oranges are healthy to your diet. Red meat is all right but fish, chicken, beans, and eggs are also excellent sources of protein. Candies and sweets are harmful to your teeth. Vegetables are good for your health. Some foods like apples, bananas are also needed for your health. However, you should have regularly diet with the combination of all food in your meal.

1. Which food that is healthy to your diet?
A. carrots
B. oranges
C. all of them
D. tomatoes

2. Which food are excellent sources of protein?
A. none of them is correct
B. fish, beans
C. fish, chicken, beans, eggs
D. chicken, eggs, fish

3. Are fruits good for your health?
A. no, they aren’t
B. yes, they are.
C. fruits are good for your health.
D. fruits are not good for your health.

4. Are candies and sweets good?
A. yes, they are.
B. no, they aren't.
C. yes, there are.
D. no, there aren't

During the southern winter, the South Pole receives no sunlight at all, and in summer, the sun is always low in the sky. Much of the sunlight that does reach the surface is reflected by the white snow. The South Pole has one of the coldest climates on earth. Temperatures at the South Pole are much lower than at the North Pole, primarily because the South Pole is located in the middle of a continental land mass, while the North Pole is at sea level in the middle of an ocean. In midsummer, temperatures at the South Pole average around -250C. In winter, the temperature remains steady at around -650C. The highest temperature ever recorded -140C, and the lowest is -830C. The South Pole has a desert climate.

1. What is the weather like in the South Pole during the southern winter?
A. It is very warm.
B. There is no sunlight.
C. It is very hot.
D. all are correct

2. Does South Pole have any sunlight?
A. None is correct.
B. Yes, it does.
C. No, it does not.
D. It has much sunlight.

3. Which place is at sea level in the middle of an ocean?
A. South Pole
B. North Pole
C. Both areas
D. Neither North Pole nor South Pole

4. What is the temperature in winter at the South Pole?
A. Temperatures at the South Pole are average.
B. Temperatures at the South Pole are under –650C.
C. The temperature remains steady at around –650C.
D. Temperatures at the South Pole average around –250C

5. What climate does the South Pole have?
A. The South Pole has a cool climate.
B. The South Pole has a normal climate.
C. The South Pole has a desert climate.
D. The South Pole has a hot climate.

II. Filling gaps

II. True/False statement

IV. Fill in each gap with a suitable word or phrase:

always swimming seasons fall and

There are four   in a year. They are spring, summer,   and winter. I like the spring because the weather is warm. I often go fishing in this season. I love summer, too. It’s   hot in my country. I go   everyday, and I like going out with my friends in the evening. I don’t like the fall   the winter.

V. Supply the correct form of the words in the brackets:

At the moment, my mother (watch)   the weather forecast on television.
I like (sleep)   in cold weather.
Green leaves change their (colorful)   in fall.
It′s cold and (wind)   in Ha Noi.
My mother (like)   warm weather.

VI. Rewrite each sentence so that the meaning stays the same:

VII. Write complete sentences from words/phrases given:

1. Hoi An / oldest / town / Viet Nam.

2. It / rain / outside / now.

3. The population / the world / growing.


VIII. Rearrange the following words to form complete sentences:

1. Is / else / anything / there / ?

2. little / I / water / need / .

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