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Lớp 12: Unit 8: Life in the future

Listen to the audio and write the missing words in the blanks:

1. Adriana: Excuse me. Do you have this in a bigger  ?
SA: If it′s not there... no. I′ll just check if we′ve got it in stock. No, I′m afraid it′s out of stock but we can order it and you could collect it.
Adriana: I don′t live near here so it′d be   for me to pick it up.
SA: Well, we could deliver it direct to your home.
Adriana: Oh really? Do I have to pay for  ?
SA: It′s an extra £5. So the jacket′s £120 plus delivery... that′s £125.
Adriana: Okay, I′ll do that.
SA: Okay, madam. I′ll need some  .
SA: Can you give me your name?
Adriana: It′s McCanlis.
SA: That′s M, A, C...
Adriana: No, just M, C, then capital C, A, N, L, I, S. Adriana McCanlis: A, D, R, I, A, N, A.
SA: And the address?
Adriana: 40 Woodland Road, Cambridge. CP28 2EU.
SA: CP28 2EU. And can I have a telephone  ?
Adriana: I′d better give you my mobile number.  .
SA: 784. Fine. And how would you like to pay?
Adriana: By debit  .
SA: Right, so the jacket should be with you in four to seven working days. Here′s your receipt... The receipt has also got our   address. You can log on and track your order any time. There′s your order number.
Adriana: AU92635. Thank you.
SA: You′re welcome.
Adriana: Goodbye.

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