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Lớp 11: Unit 9: The post office

Listen to the audio and write the missing words in the blanks:

1. (Open daily from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.)
Thanh Ba Post Office is equipped with   technology and has a spacious and pleasant front office. We offer the best services with a well-trained staff, who are always thoughtful and courteous to customers.
You can choose to send your letters by air or surface mail. We also have the Express Mail Service and your EMS mail will be   in the shortest possible time.
The maximum weight limit of a parcel is 31.5 kg. We offer a very competitive rate for parcels under 15 kg.
Just imagine your relatives are living over one thousand kilometres away from you and you want to send them some money quickly. This speedy and secure service for   money can be useful. The money will be sent to your relatives in less than 24 hours.
Besides the ordinary telephone call service, our Post Office provides the Messenger Call Service. This service helps you to notify the   of the time and place to receive the call.
If you want to send a document and do not want to lose its original shape, our facsimile service will help you. Fax transmission has now become a cheap and convenient way to transmit texts and graphics over distances.
Don′t bother to go out early to buy your daily newspapers. Just   to your favourite newspapers and magazines and we will have them delivered to your house early in the morning.

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