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English 7: Unit 15: Going out

Read the passage and choose the correct answer:

Last year, just before Christmas, my family and my aunt’s family decided to go to Perth for a holiday. We have relatives in Perth. We started in two cars but when we were about halfway there, my uncle wanted to turn around and come back. He said it was too far. And it was terrible hot, too. By day it was 480C. Even at night it was really hot. Anyway, what we decided to do was to drive back about 160 km to a place where the train went through. Then we put both cars on the train and we all went to Perth by train. That was fun. It was a good train. We had a good time in Perth.

1. They decided to go to Perth ................
A. last Christmas
B. all are correct
C. last year
D. at Christmas

2. At first, they travelled ............... .
A. by train
B. by plane
C. by bus
D. by car

3. When they were halfway, the writer’s uncle wanted to come back because ............... .
A. he was tired
B. their cars broke down
C. it was too far and too hot
D. it was boring

4. ............... did they drive back? – About 160 km.
A. How many
B. How far
C. How much
D. How long

5. How did they all go to Perth by train?
A. They left their cars halfway.
B. They put their cars on the train.
C. all are correct
D. They kept their cars at a hotel.
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