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English 8: Unit 4: Our past

Read the passage and choose the correct answer:

Once upon a time a beautiful princess had a golden ball. One day, unfortunately, she dropped her ball into the water. She was unhappy and started to cry. Suddenly a green frog appeared and offered to help her find the ball if she let him live with her in the palace. The princess agreed.
Therefore, the frog gave her the ball. She took the ball and forgot all about her promise to the frog.
The frog was angry and decided to tell the King his story. The King asked his daughter to take the frog to her room and look after him carefully. The princess cried again, but she finally took the frog and put him on her bed. The frog asked her to kiss him and she did. Immediately, the frog turned into a handsome prince. Of course, he and the princess fell in love. And they lived happily ever after.

1. Why did the princess cry at the beginning of the story?
A. Because she dropped her ball into the water.
B. Because she had no friend to play with.
C. Because she saw a frog.
D. Because she had a golden ball.

2. The frog offered to help the princess find the ball if ............... .
A. She let him enter the palace.
B. She let him enter the palace and live with her.
C. She agreed to kiss him.
D. She agreed to play with him.

3. Who did the frog tell his story?
A. The princess’s father
B. the princess
C. D & A are correct
D. the King

4. The King asked the princess to ............... .
A. take the frog to her room and take care of him
B. take the frog to her room
C. take care of the frog
D. take the frog to her room and look for him

5. The frog turn into a handsome prince when ............... .
A. The princess kissed him.
B. The princess put him on her bed
C. The princess fell in love with him.
D. The princess cried.
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