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Lớp 11: Unit 3: A party

Listen to the audio and write the missing words in the blanks:

1. My favorite city, uh, has to be Miami because Miami′s got great weather—it′s very warm the   year, and I love going to the beach. So I can do that anytime I want in Miami. The other great thing about Miami is it′s got a lot of culture there, specifically, uh, Latin culture. It′s got great food. The people are really nice, and I love   to the Spanish language. The other great thing about Miami is there are a lot of famous people who live there on Star Island and South Beach, and it′s nice because you might be   see some of them when you go there.
My favorite city would definitely have to be Los Angeles for many different  . One of the first reasons I can think of is that the weather is beautiful there. It′s always  . They never get snow, which, where I′m from, there′s a lot of snow. Another favorite thing that I have about Los Angeles is that there′s always something to do. Whether you   music or you enjoy plays or you enjoy shopping, no matter where you go, there′s always something to have fun doing.
My favorite city is Boston. I love Boston for all of its architecture, the beautiful brick  . I love the history, which you can find everywhere. It′s beautiful. I love the   in the summertime. I love the restaurants, people. It′s a clean city. It′s a great place to be. I highly recommend it. I love Boston.

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