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Lớp 12: Unit 12: Water sports

Listen to the video and write the missing words in the blanks:

1. Andrew: Thank you, Mrs Morgan that was really delicious.
Mrs Morgan: Good. I′m glad you   it, Andrew. Can I offer you some coffee?
Andrew: Yes, that would be nice. Thank you.
Mrs Morgan: Not at all. Elizabeth, will you make us some coffee, dear?
Liz: Yes of course mum. With  .
Mrs Morgan: She′s always been a great help around the house. Such a well-behaved child. And so pretty...
Andrew: I′m sure. Do you have any photos?
Mrs Morgan: Hundreds.
Andrew: Oh really Can I see some? I′d love to know what Liz looked like when she was  ...
Mrs Morgan: What a nice idea! Elizabeth? Will you go upstairs and get something from my room?
Liz: What?
Mrs Morgan: There are some photo albums on the shelf   to the dressing table. Could you bring them down? Andrew would like to see some photos of you when you were  .
Liz: Mum!!
Mrs Morgan: Yes dear?
Liz: Mum, I am not going to go upstairs and I am not going to show Andrew my baby photos.
Mrs Morgan:... and this was our   in Scotland. There′s Elizabeth with her little friend, now... what was her name?
Liz: Mum... that′s enough... put it  , please!
Mrs Morgan: No I will not put it away. Go and do the washing up, dear. Andrew and I are   happy looking at photos... aren′t we Andrew?

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