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English 11: Unit 10: Nature in danger

Read the passage and choose the correct answer:

The human race is only one small species in the living world. Many other species exist on this planet. However, human beings have a great influence on the rest of the world. They are changing the environment by building cities and villages where forests once stood. They are affecting the water supply by using water for industry and agriculture. They are changing weather conditions by cutting down trees in the forests. And they are destroying the air by adding pollutants to it.

1. Is the human race only one small species in the living world?
A. Yes, it is
B. No, they aren't
C. No, it isn't
D. Yes, they are

2. How does the human make an influence on the rest of the world?
A. great
B. countless
C. important
D. useless

3. By what ways are they changing the environment?
A. villages
B. building cities
C. Building cities and villages
D. to waste natural resources

4. They are changing ............... by cutting down trees in the forest.
A. weather conditions
B. all are correct
C. water supply
D. environment
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