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ENGLISH 12: Unit 11: Books

Grammar point:

Choose the best answer for the following sentences:

1. By the year 2010, many people currently employed ............... their jobs.
A. will have lost
B. should have lost
C. had better not lost
D. will have been lost

2. Medical care ............... to the poor.
A. had better to be brought
B. may be brought
C. should be brought
D. should bring

3. As they left, my uncle turned and said, “you ..............., at what happens, while we are away”.
A. are surprised
B. will be surprised
C. were surprised
D. would be surprised

4. The English of this essay is too good. It ............... by herself.
A. mustn't have been written
B. can't have been written
C. shouldn't have been written
D. may not have been written

5. By the time it was bought by my aunt and uncle, two hundred years later it ............... by a long list of different people expecting in the price to be rather high.
A. will be owned
B. can be owned
C. was owned
D. would be owned
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