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English 11: Unit 14: Recreation

Read the passage and choose the correct answer:

England is famous for its garden, and most people like gardening. This is probably one reason why so many people prefer to live in houses rather than in flats. Particularly in suburban areas it is possible to pass row after row of ordinary small houses, each one with its neatly kept patch of grass surrounded by great variety of flowers and shrubs. Enthusiasts of gardening get a great deal of helpful advice from the television and magazines.

1. The passage points out that, because many English people are fond of gardening, ............... .
A. they don't want to live in suburban areas
B. they can spare little time for the television
C. houses are more popular than flats
D. they grow flowers but not grass and fruit trees

2. The passage stresses that people interested in gardening ............... .
A. get very little encouragement from the media
B. are supplied with information and guidance by both the television and the press
C. need large gardens in order to get satisfaction
D. find it necessary to move out to distant rural areas

3. The passage is concerned with ............... .
A. the problems of gardening in suburban areas
B. the new techniques in gardening
C. the enthusiasm of the people in England for gardens and gardening
D. the increasing demand for new varieties of flowers and shrubs
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