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English 10: Review: Practice
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I. Choose the best answer for the following sentences:

1. My friend ............... a long hair.
A. has
B. have
C. is having
D. am having
2. What‘s the ............... like ? – It‘s sunny.
A. sky
B. climate
C. weather
D. sun
3. ............... you get up late this morning?
A. Are
B. Is
C. Do
D. Does
4. He cannot swim. He ............... to go to swimming pool anymore.
A. is like
B. don't like
C. doesn't like
D. not would like
5. How ............... do you go to the cinema ?
A. often
B. sometimes
C. usually
D. always
6. Man is clever than ............... .
A. bird
B. animal
C. dog
D. cat
7. How many oranges ............... you want?
A. does
B. do
C. are
D. is
8. ............... her hair long?
A. Am
B. Is
C. Are
D. Does

V. Odd one out

I. Phonetics

II. Stress

II. Choose the underlined word or phrase that needs correcting:

1. We don′t like to eat some fish in this season.
A. in
B. some
C. We
D. to eat
2. What are those? _ Those are his shoulder.
A. What
B. are
C. Those
D. shoulder
3. What does they often do in fall?
A. in
B. often
C. does
D. they

III. Read the passage and choose the correct answer:

Here is an advice to athletes who play some sports that require speed and fast. You have to work hard to succeed in sports. Always warm up slowly before you play, and breathe deeply while you are warming up. During playing sports, you should always move fast. As a new player, you often have to wait patiently for a chance to show your skills, but remember: success doesn't come easily.

1. How should you do to succeed in sports?
A. We have to train.
B. We have to eat more.
C. We have to sleep more.
D. We have to work hard.

2. What should we do before we play sports?
A. We should warm up slowly.
B. We should drink a lot of water.
C. We should eat a lot.
D. We should run a lot.

3. Who are athletes?
A. all are correct
B. They like sport.
C. They want become a sportiest.
D. Athletes are participants in competing sports.

4. Does success come easily?
A. It depends on the success.
B. Sometime it comes easily.
C. Yes, it does.
D. No, it doesn't.

A waste container is a container. It is usually made out of metal or plastic, used to store refuse. Other names include rubbish bin, litter bin, trash barrel, garbage can and trash bin. Indoor bins are traditionally kept in the kitchen to contain waste things such as fruit peelings or food packets. Wastepaper baskets or wastebaskets are used in offices to dispose of waste paper and other office refuse. Most bins have lids on the top while others have to be opened manually. Indoor bins sometime have pedals which open the lid when stepped on. A common practice is to place many bags in each bin once a day so that it makes the bin clean after removing bag.

1. What is a waste container made?
A. It is made of plastic.
B. It is made of cloth.
C. It is usually made out of metal or plastic.
D. It is made of bin.

2. How is a waste container used to?
A. It is used for nothing.
B. It is used to keep things.
C. It is used to store refuse.
D. It is used to make things.

3. Which waste container is used in the kitchen?
A. B & C are correct
B. Indoor bins are traditionally kept in the kitchen
C. All kinds of bins are traditionally kept in the kitchen
D. both are incorrect

4. Which waste container is used in offices?
A. Recycle bin
B. None of them is correct.
C. All kinds of bin can be used in offices.
D. Wastebasket

5. How to make waste containers in house clean in your house?
A. place a bin in a kitchen
B. place a bin in a bag
C. place a bag in a bin
D. place a bag in a kitchen

II. Filling gaps

II. True/False statement

IV. Fill in the blank

IV. Supply the correct form of the words in the brackets:

She can speak English (fluent)  .
Tom (be)   taller than I.
My friend is from the USA. She is an (America)  .
The Nile River is the (long)   river in the world.
(There are)   many beautiful beaches in Myanmar?

V. Rewrite each sentence so that the meaning stays the same:

VI. Write complete sentences from words/phrases given:

1. Everest / highest / mountain / the world.

2. Thu / sometimes / go / school / car.

3. Miss Diem / do / aerobics / the morning.


VII. Rearrange the following words to form complete sentences:

1. have / pens / a few / I / .

2. hot / weather / like / doesn’t / She / .

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