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Lớp 12: Unit 15: Women in society

Listen to the video and write the missing words in the blanks:

1. An important event in my life was when I moved to Mexico. I wanted to learn Spanish and work and live in a different country. And it was really, really hard   because I had to learn how to speak Spanish, and I had to learn how to live in a different culture and eat food that I wasn′t used to. But it was a really, really great experience. I did learn how to speak Spanish and I made friends that I still have to this day.
An important event in my life was the day I graduated from the fire academy and became a  . It marked a – it was like a stepping stone in my life, where I was going from being, you know, young man to being, you know, a young man still, but with more responsibilities. You know, the responsibilities of, you know, having to, if need be the case, run into a building on fire to   somebody. It was – I′ve always been interested in helping people and I′ve always wanted to, you know, make a difference in people′s lives. So that was very important to me.
One of the most significant events to have happened in my life was when I was about 12 and I was riding the subway home from school and the doors to the train unexpectedly opened as the train was moving. And we rode between two   with the doors open. And on a crowded train we were holding onto each other so that we wouldn′t fall out of the train. And at the time it happened so quickly that, frankly, I wasn′t very scared. It was more I think I was in shock at the time. And once it was over, it hit me how much   I actually had been in during that, that time on the moving train. In hindsight, what I learned from that was that other people will rally together and help you in a situation like that. I think it says a lot about people′s willingness to work together.
Recently, an important day of my life is my boyfriend of   proposed about nine months ago. He did it in front of all of my friends and family. It was very unexpected, and we′ll be getting married in about two years from now.

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