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English 10: Unit 5: Technology and you

Read the passage and choose the correct answer:

When robots are widely used in the home, they will probably be used to do the cleaning, table-laying, scrubbing and washing-up, but it is considered unlikely that they will be used to do the cooking-at least, not in the near future.
In factories, mobile robots are already used to carry out a large number of the distribution and assembly tasks while human beings carry out research and produce plans for new products. Among the numerous jobs on the farm, robots will drive tractors, keeping their eyes on the ground in front to guide the tractor along a straight line.
The majority of the robots used at present do not look like human beings at all because their design is chiefly functional.

1. The word ′their′ in paragraph 2 refers to ................
A. Tractors'
B. Robots'
C. Peoples'
D. Farms'

2. Why don′t robots at present look like human beings?
A. Because they are mainly used at factories.
B. Because they are widely used at home.
C. Because they are only used to guide tractors.
D. Because they are mainly produced according to their function.

3. Which of the following statements is NOT true about robots?
A. They will be used to drive the tractor.
B. They will be used to do the cleaning.
C. They are already used to carry out the distribution tasks.
D. In the near future they will be used to cook.

4. In factories what are robots used to do?
A. Carry out research and produce plans
B. Produce plans
C. Carry out research
D. Carry out assembly tasks
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