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English 12: Review: Practice
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I. Choose the best answer for the following sentences:

1. Do you like green ............... ?
A. coconut
B. pumpkin
C. watermelon
D. bean
2. There ............... a lot of toys in a toy-store.
A. are
B. am
C. none of them
D. is
3. The wind flows very strongly at night. He feels ................
A. cold
B. tired
C. hot
D. thirsty
4. ............... are you going to stay in Lodon? – For three days.
A. How far
B. How often
C. How long
D. How
5. We ............... go camping in countryside, about twice a year.
A. usually
B. never
C. sometimes
D. always
6. Which ............... are Mary and Peter going to visit first?
A. space
B. area
C. local
D. place
7. He cannot swim. He ............... to go to swimming pool anymore.
A. don't like
B. not would like
C. doesn't like
D. is like
8. He‘s very lazy. He ............... does exercise at home.
A. something
B. always
C. usually
D. never

V. Odd one out

I. Phonetics

II. Stress

II. Choose the underlined word or phrase that needs correcting:

1. What does the weather like in the winter?
A. the
B. does
C. like
D. What
2. Mr. David and his wife is going to have a party tomorrow night.
A. to have
B. and
C. tomorrow
D. is
3. What about are we going to travel? – By minibus.
A. What about
B. to
C. By
D. are

III. Read the passage and choose the correct answer:

Salesgirl: Can I help you?
Mary : Yes, I’d like some beef, please.
Salesgirl: How much do you want?
Mary: Half a kilo of beef, please.
Salesgirl: Is there anything else?
Mary: Yes, I need some oranges.
Salesgirl: How many do you want?
Mary: Half a dozen, please.

1. What does Mary want?
A. D & C are correct
B. some rice
C. some oranges
D. some beef

2. How much beef does she want?
A. half a kilo
B. two hundred grams
C. a dozen
D. a kilo

3. How many oranges does she want?
A. half a dozen
B. a kilo
C. half a kilo
D. a dozen

Michael: How do you feel, Susan?
Susan : I’m hot and I am thirsty.
Michael: What would you like?
Susan: I’d like a cold drink.
What about you?
Michael: I’m hungry. I’d like some noodles.

1. How does Susan feel?
A. B & D are correct
B. hot
C. hungry
D. thirsty

2. What would she like?
A. a cool drink
B. a cold drink
C. noodles
D. oranges

3. How does Michael feel?
A. hot
B. hungry
C. thirsty
D. cold

4. What would he like?
A. noodle
B. some rice
C. an apple
D. some noodles

II. Filling gaps

II. True/False statement

IV. Fill in the blank

IV. Supply the correct form of the words in the brackets:

Tomorrow is Sunday. I (visit )   my friends.
Today is a (beauty)   day.
She (make)   some orange juice in the kitchen at present.
He wants to visit the temple and take some (photo)  .
It′s a beautiful today. Let′s (go)   for a walk.

V. Rewrite each sentence so that the meaning stays the same:

VI. Write complete sentences from words/phrases given:

1. It / often / cold / summer.

2. She / tall / thin.

3. She / like / some /milk?


VII. Rearrange the following words to form complete sentences:

1. some / want / have / I / to / noodles / .

2. pens / I / a few / have / .

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