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English 7: Unit 7: The world of work

Read the passage and choose the correct answer:

My cousin Mary is a motor mechanic. She works in a busy garage in the middle of the town, about five minutes’ walk from home. She likes everything about the job, except for the fact that she can never seem to get completely clean at the end of the day. All the other mechanics, except for the supervisor, are men. She gets on with everyone very well, although she sometimes has trouble with customers who think that, being a woman, she cannot be a good mechanic. As it happens, she is considered by most of her workmates to be the best mechanic in the garage. Her husband Jim is the accountant and works at the company head office, which is just outside town.

1. What Mary dislikes about working in the garage is that ............... .
A. she doesn’t get on with the supervisor
B. the garage is a long way from the center
C. it’s quite dirty work
D. all the other mechanics are men

2. Which of these statements about Mary is true? – She ............... .
A. and her husband work in the same place
B. has to travel farther to work than her husband
C. works for the same firm as her husband
D. and Jim have the same jobs

3. Most of her workmates think that Mary ............... .
A. shouldn’t be a mechanic
B. isn’t as good as they are
C. is very popular
D. is a very good mechanic

4. Which of these statements about Jim is true? – He ............... .
A. is popular with the customers
B. works in the town center
C. lives close to his work
D. doesn’t work in the garage

5. Which of these think that Mary can’t be a good mechanic?
A. Most of her workmates
B. Some of her male colleagues
C. Her supervisor
D. A few customers
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