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English 8: Review: Practice
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I. Choose the best answer for the following sentences:

1. Alice‘s school is ................
A. the small
B. a small
C. big
D. a big
2. What’s there, near the house. ............... a hotel near the house.
A. These are
B. There are
C. There
D. There’s
3. Every morning, I ............... .
A. go school
B. goes to school
C. goes school
D. go to school
4. ............... do you live ? I live in a small town near Dong Nai province.
A. which
B. when
C. what
D. where
5. After doing morning exercise, she ............... and then goes to school.
A. takes a shower
B. shower take
C. take shower
D. shower
6. Where’s your room ? - It’s on the ............... floor from the living room.
A. threeth
B. three
C. thirdth
D. third
7. Where do you live? I live ............... a house near here.
A. in
B. at
C. for
D. on

V. Odd one out

I. Phonetics

II. Choose the word whose main stress pattern is not the same as that of the others:

A. substance
B. dependent
C. chemist
D. insight
A. traditional
B. participate
C. competition
D. unsuitable
A. continue
B. imagine
C. disappear
D. inhabit

III. Choose the underlined word or phrase that needs correcting:

1. What grade are you in? - I am in grade 6.
A. am
B. in
C. What
D. grade
2. After school, I and my friends do volleyball.
A. do
B. After
C. I
D. my

I. Comprehension

IV. Choose the word or phrase that best fits the blank space in the following passage:

II. True/False statement

IV. Fill in the blank

II. Correct form in brackets

II. Rewrite

V. Write complete sentences from words/phrases given:

1. Those / be / schoolbags / the students.

2. Hoa / have / classes / from / seven / a quarter past eleven.



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