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English 10: Unit 4: Special education

Choose the best answer for the following sentences:

1. Our flight was delayed, ............... meant we had to wait for hours at the airport.
A. which
B. that
C. where
D. when

2. Life is all right if you have a job, but things are not so easy for ............... .
A. unemployment
B. the unemployed
C. an unemployed
D. a unemployed

3. Liz used to ............... a motorbike, but last year she sold it and bought a car.
A. having
B. have
C. had
D. to have

4. Ambulances arrived at the scene of the accident and took ............... to hospital.
A. injured person
B. a injured person
C. injuring person
D. the injured

5. How is the word “demonstration” defined? It is defined to be ............... .
A. an act of showing or explaining how to do something
B. taking or needing a lot of time
C. slowly, over a long period of time
D. less mentally developed than normal
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