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Lớp 10: Unit 7: The mass media

Listen to the video and write the missing words in the blanks:

1. I love social   Internet sites. I love keeping in touch with my friends, also. It′s important because I have friends from all over the country – and some I go to college with, some I use to go to school with – and it′s important to keep  .
My favorite types of websites are movie websites. I like to find out what my favorite actors are doing, what new movies are coming out, and I′m always watching, almost daily, what new   there are.
On the Internet I mostly e-mail. But I also check the weather a lot. And I can check in different cities around the country, places I might visit. And I use it to look at different places in the world that I might travel, and   what I can see there.
Well, I mostly use the Internet for   – to check my e-mail, to get directions to different areas. But when I′m just sort of just surfing the Web I usually like to look up things about celebrities. Not gossip, but just – I might like to read articles about celebrities, actors mostly.
I like to go on   websites when I go online to check the most recent tennis matches and also the scores of my favorite baseball team.
I think I spend most of my   on the Internet checking e-mail. But other than e-mail, I like to shop online, and I like to use social networking online, and I look for work. I spend a lot of time looking for work   online.

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