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English 9: Unit 10: Life on other planets

Read the passage and choose the correct answer:

Girl: Do you think UFOs exist?
Boy: Yes. Articles and reports in newspapers talk lots about UFO appearance.
Girl: What makes you believe there are UFOs?
Boy: Well, many people around the world say they have seen flying saucers, so they must exist.
Girl: Flying saucer! It might be their imagination.
Boy: I do not think so. There are plenty of photos of them. And, some of the photographers said they saw man-like creatures get out of the saucers.
Girl: If there were flying saucers, there would be traces of their landing.
Boy: You are right. People are talking about the mysterious circles on the fields in Great Britain. UFOs are no longer human beings' imagination. They are real. We should be ready to welcome their visits.

1. What are the speakers talking about?
B. earthquake
C. volcano
D. typhoon

2. Do the speakers agree with each other at first?
A. No, they don't.
B. Yes, they do.
C. Yes, they are.
D. No, they aren't.

3. What mystery are people talking about UFOs?
A. UFOs are very huge.
B. UFOs are not real.
C. UFOs' traces in Great Britain.
D. UFOs photos in Great Britain.
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