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English 9: Unit 9: Natural disasters

Choose the best answer for the following sentences:

1. In Italy in 1981, a tornado lifted a baby, ............... was asleep in its baby carriage, into the air and put it down safely 100 meters away!
A. C & D are correct
B. when
C. who
D. which

2. The weatherman announced that there would be thunderstorms ............... could cover from the north to the south of the country.
A. B & D are correct
B. that
C. who
D. which

3. Ninety percent of ............... occur around the Pacific Rim, which is known as the “Ring of Fire”.
A. thunderstorms
B. volcanoes
C. typhoons
D. earthquakes

4. We usually watch the weather forecast on TV ............... tells us nearly exactly what is happening.
A. whose
B. where
C. which
D. who

5. Mount Pinatubo, which is a volcano in the Philippines, ............... in 1991.
A. destroyed
B. erupted
C. happened
D. trusted
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