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Lớp 11: Unit 10: Nature in danger

Listen to the audio and write the missing words in the blanks:

1. I love to watch baseball. I love to watch it on television, I like to   to it on the radio, I will watch any amount of it in a baseball stadium. But I think it′s the only sport I like to watch. I like to play lots of sports. I like to play basketball and baseball. I do yoga to keep fit, and I think sports are an important part of culture and keeping   well.
I love to watch and play sports. On the TV, I will watch football, I will watch tennis, I′ll even watch mixed martial arts. But I especially love to play sports, like tennis,  , even hockey. It′s just a great way to keep fit and keep myself active and involved.
I used to practice tae kwon do – it′s like martial arts. And I have a black belt in tae kwon do – the first level – but I stopped   ever since I came to the States.
I don′t really do a lot of competitive   because I′m not that good at it. But I do play in my teachers′ after-school softball league. I play catcher on the team and that′s a lot of fun and it′s not too competitive, so it′s OK for me not to be very good. I don′t like competitive sports because I always end up feeling bad if people are too competitive and I make an  . I don′t want to be held responsible for the team  , so I tend to avoid those.
I don′t play a lot of sports because I′m not particularly coordinated, but I love to run and I   a lot and I can play soccer. But I can′t play baseball or volleyball or tennis because I don′t have any hand-eye coordination.

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