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English 9: Unit 8: Celebrations

Read the passage and choose the correct answer:

Easter is on different Sunday each year. But it is always in March or April. Easter is not a national holiday. It is a religious holiday for Christians. For many people, Easter celebrates the beginning of spring.
The English word for Easter comes from the old English word Eastre. Eastre was the same of the goddess of spring and light. In the spring, flowers bloom and trees become green. The earth wears ‘new clothes’. Many people wear new clothes on Easter Sunday too.
Eggs and rabbits are new signs of spring and new life. American children believe in an imaginary rabbit, the Easter Bunny. The night before Easter, the Easter Bunny visits many homes. He brings children Easter baskets with eggs and candy. Some Easter eggs are hard-boiled eggs in different colors. Other Easter eggs are chocolate. The Easter Bunny hides eggs in the house or outside in the yard. On Easter morning, children look for eggs from the Easter Bunny.
On Easter Sunday, families often come together for a dinner of ham or lamb with fresh spring vegetables. Dessert is often cake in the shape of a lamb or rabbit. And there is plenty of candy from the Easter bunny!

1. Easter ............... .
A. is only celebrated by Christians
B. is a public holiday
C. is celebrated on every Sunday in March or April
D. is a spring holiday

2. The word ‘Easter’ ............... .
A. was the ancient name of spring and light
B. means ‘new clothes’
C. means ‘the beginning of the spring’
D. comes from the name of goddess

3. The ‘Easter Bunny’ is ............... .
A. a sign of the spring goddess
B. a sign of flowers blooming
C. an old word for ‘Easter’
D. an imaginary rabbit

4. On Easter morning, ............... .
A. America children run about trying to find the eggs
B. children are often given cakes in the shape of a rabbit
C. the Easter Bunny appears and brings eggs to children
D. family often get together for a big breakfast

5. Which statement is not mentioned in the passage?
A. Eggs represent new life and the start of spring.
B. Easter is an important Christian festival.
C. Children look forward to Easter Sunday because they are given chocolate Easter eggs.
D. It was once common for people to wear new cloths to church on Easter Sunday.
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