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Lớp 11: Unit 12: The Asian Games

Listen to the video and write the missing words in the blanks:

1. Well, I do believe in miracles and I have one big  , which is my father. When I was 8 years old, he got into an accident and according to the doctors, he was never going to walk again, but after two years he was walking just fine. And that is a living example that miracles do  . They′re out there and you just have to believe it.
I don′t believe that miracles can happen. I am not a believer in fate. I believe that we are the masters of our own  , so I don′t really believe in miracles.
I believe in miracles to a certain extent. I myself haven′t   a miracle, but I have a lot of friends that, when they′ve gone overseas, they′ve gotten sick or injured, and magically those sicknesses would go away within a day or two and their injuries would just disappear. And they really can′t explain it and – it happened to them so it′s very close. They did tell me about it, so to a certain extent I believe them.
Do I believe in miracles? That′s a tough question. I believe in small miracles. The fact that any of us even exist is in some way a miracle. But most things that people attribute to miracles can probably be   some other way, either through science or some other, you know, evidence. But I definitely believe that there are some things in this universe that are not explained and, you know, we all have opinions on what those may be caused by, you know, but we′ll never know for sure.
Yes, I definitely believe that miracles can happen. By being   and being hopeful that there can be change when I thought things would not change – in my darkest hour, as you would say – a miracle would happen. Because a miracle isn′t necessarily this grandiose thing. It′s – miracles can be very small, miracles can be just an opportunity that changes your entire life, an opportunity that changes your entire  . So, yes, I definitely believe in miracles – and you should, too.
That′s a hard question. I do think that miracles can happen. But I think sometimes miracles are smaller than people   them to be, and that you don′t always have to be looking for a big miracle to know that something good happened.

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