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Listen to the talk. Then read each question and choose the best answer:

Now, if we could turn to the next item, which relates to new safety rules. The long-awaited renovation of our product research laboratory is set to begin next week. As of Monday, the north wing of the building will be designated a restricted-access construction site for the next six months. This means that in accordance with company safety regulations, unauthorized personnel will not be allowed into the site until the project is completed early next year. A memorandum has been issued asking company personnel working near the site to follow posted safety instructions.
During the final phases of the renovation, some of you may be granted access to the restricted area in order to oversee the installation of new laboratory equipment. This means that you will be required to attend a safety briefing and to wear appropriate protective clothing. For your own safety and for that of others, please pay careful attention to these new measures.

1. When will construction be complete?
A. In a year
B. In six months
C. As of next week
D. By Monday
2. What must authorized personnel do in order to enter the site?
A. Read the safety memo
B. Sign a release form
C. Inform their colleagues
D. Put on special clothes
3. Who is the speaker?
A. A construction worker
B. A lab technician
C. A researcher
D. The facilities manager
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