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Listen to the talk. Then read each question and choose the best answer:

I′m delighted to be able to report to you that we had a record sales year here at TC Computer Company. I know all of you in engineering have been putting in lots of overtime without a break. We couldn′t have been so successful without you. So, we′ve come up with a few new benefits as a way to thank you, our hard-working employees. We will be offering monthly subway passes, good for twenty rides. These will be available to you at Human Resources next week. And for you stressed-out parents, a new day-care center is scheduled for construction on site beginning next month. We hope it will save you time and effort by not having to drop your little ones off on your way to work. Finally, we will reimburse you up to fifty percent for any computer-related classes you take. The percentage depends on the kind of classes you choose to take and on how much they cost. The only condition regarding the classes is that they will have to be approved by your supervisor. So, check with your supervisor for the application forms. Again, I thank you all and look forward to another productive year.

1. Why did TC Computer Company decide to give new benefits to its employees?
A. To show appreciation for their efforts
B. To persuade them not to look for another job
C. To make up for the loss of vacation days
D. To encourage them to be more successful
2. What determines the percentage that the company will pay for classes?
A. Time and distance
B. Application by the deadline
C. Approval by a supervisor
D. Content and price
3. Where would an employee go to get a free subway pass?
A. To the Human Resource Department
B. To a supervisor's office
C. To the Engineering Department
D. To the new day-care center
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