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Listen to the talk. Then read each question and choose the best answer:

Questions below refer to the following speech.

Hello, everybody. I′m Wendy Raynford, and I′d like to welcome you to our company′s orientation program. Firstly, let me tell you about the schedule for this week′s training. One of our personnel officers, Tim O′Brien, will hand out envelopes containing some forms for you as well as company information. We′ll look over the forms together, and then you can fill them out. This will be followed by a tea break and a chance to talk informally with members of the personnel staff. At 11:00 a.m. we will break into 3 groups for a tour of the production facilities, with our volunteer guides who are keen to meet you. This will be followed by lunch at 12:30. You will then have free time to visit the grounds before the start of the afternoon program at 1:30 p.m. This will begin with a company promotional and training video, lasting 1 hour.

1. When will the listeners tour the factory floor?
A. At 12:30.
B. At 1:30.
C. At 11:00.
D. At 3:00.
2. Who most likely is Mr. O′Brien?
A. The keynote speaker.
B. The production manager.
C. The personnel manager.
D. The company policy maker.
3. Who is the speaker most likely addressing?
A. A bunch of managers.
B. Cafeteria workers.
C. Some volunteer guides.
D. A group of new employees.
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