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Listen to the talk. Then read each question and choose the best answer:

Questions below refer to the following announcement.

Could I have your attention everyone? An emergency situation has occurred on the tenth floor, and I ask everyone at this time to leave what you are doing and proceed toward the nearest exit out of the building. This situation does not pose any immediate danger, but as a safety precaution, we are asking everyone to evacuate the building. So, please do not panic, but walk calmly to the nearest staircase out of the building. Please do not take the elevators. Now, once you are outside, please make sure all the members of your department have arrived safely. If by any chance anyone is missing, please report the missing person to your immediate supervisors. Thank you, and we will let you know the progress of the situation as it occurs.

1. When should a listener talk to the boss?
A. Before the end of the day.
B. If someone is not present.
C. The first thing in the morning.
D. Right after the announcement.
2. What is the purpose of the announcement?
A. To invite staff members to a company event.
B. To guide the listeners to safety.
C. To call for an emergency meeting.
D. To notify employees of future repair work on the elevator.
3. What does the speaker ask the listeners to do?
A. Walk patiently out of the building.
B. Immediately speak to their supervisors.
C. Read through the safety manual.
D. Take the elevator up to the tenth floor.
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