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Questions below refer to the following letter.

624 South Wells Street
Reno, Nevada 89400

Mr. Norm Thompson 97
Vine Circle Reno, Nevada 89400

Dear Mr. Thompson,
I want to rent an apartment. My friend says that you are a good (1)............... and that you own apartments in different parts of the city. Can I rent an apartment from you?
My family needs a new place to live. We love our (2)................ It's quiet, and it's close to my job. However, our apartment is (3)...............small for us. There are four of us: my wife, our two children, and me. We need a larger apartment. We are looking for one with three bedrooms and a large kitchen.
We live near Plumas Pass, and we would like to stay in this area. If you have an apartment in Plumas Pass that is available now, please let me know. Thank you for your help.

Fabian Ricardo

A. painter
B. landlord
C. tenant
D. occupant

A. neighborly
B. neighbor
C. neighboring
D. neighborhood

A. a lot
B. some
C. too
D. enough
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