Vocabulary --> Word review #2 Lesson 6-10 Office Issues

I. Choose the word that best completes the sentence:

1. The ............... of the new computer network was apparent among the employees after only a few months.
A. popularity
B. population
C. popularize
D. popular

2. It′s worth ............... in the memo that we′ve finished the draft of the proposal.
A. mentions
B. mentioning
C. mentionable
D. mentioned

3. The mail room is rarely asked to send letters by ............... mail.
A. registered
B. registration
C. registers
D. register

4. ............... to examine the capabilities of the computer carefully has cost us a lot of time and money.
A. Failure
B. Fallible
C. Fail
D. Failed

5. The staff expressed their ............... for the leadership of their boss.
A. appreciated
B. appreciate
C. appreciating
D. appreciation

II. Choose the word or phrase that best completes the blanks:

Notice—Casual Fridays
A number of staff members have expressed an interest in Casual Friday. I realize that this custom (1)............... in many offices nowadays. I appreciate the fact that many of you have discussed this matter with me (2)..............., and pointed out that our strict dress code is outdated. Because so many people have expressed an interest in dressing casually once a week, we will have Casual Friday in this office starting next week. While we want to be relaxed, we do not want (3)............... our coworkers to styles of dress that may make them feel uncomfortable. So, while the dress code will be relaxed, it does not mean that you can wear anything you want. Shoes and shirts are required, and beach and gym attire are unacceptable.

Amanda Jones, Director

A. practices
B. is practiced
C. is practicing
D. practiced

A. verbally
B. verbalize
C. verbal
D. verb

A. expose
B. to expose
C. have exposed
D. exposing
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