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Study the following definitions and examples.


1.  aware adj., having knowledge

        a.  I was not aware that flossing my teeth could prevent a buildup of plaque.

        b.  My dentist made me aware that I should have an appointment twice a year.


2.  catch up v., to bring up to date

        a.  My dentist likes to take time to catch up before she starts the examination.

        b.  The dental assistant caught up on her paperwork in between patients.


3.  distraction n., the act of being turned away from the focus

        a.  To provide a distraction from the noise, Luisa's dentist offered her a pair of earphones.

        b.  My dentist is kind enough to provide distractions like television, which take my mind off the procedure.


4.  encouragement n., inspiration or support

        a.  The perfect checkup was certainly encouragement to keep up my good dental hygiene.

        b.  Let me offer you some encouragement about your crooked teeth.


5.  evident adj., easily seen or understood; obvious

        a.  The presence of a wisdom tooth was not evident until the dentist started to examine the patient.

        b.  Unfortunately, his poor dental hygiene is evident from a distance.


6.  habit n., a customary manner or practice

        a.  The toddler's father stressed the importance of tooth-brushing in hopes of establishing a good habit.

        b.   The patient had a habit of grinding his teeth during his sleep.


7.  illuminate v., to provide or brighten with light

        a.   The dark recesses of the mouth can only be seen clearly when illuminated with a lamp.

        b.   Let me turn on more lights to properly illuminate the back teeth.


8.  irritate v., to chafe or inflame, to bother

        a.   The broken tooth rubbed against my tongue, irritating it.

        b.  Hannah's gums are irritated by foods that are very cold or very hot.


9.  overview n., a summary; a survey; a quick look

        a.  I did a quick overview of your teeth and they look in good shape.

        b.  An overview of your dental records shows a history of problems.


10. position n., the right or appropriate place

        a.  Let me tilt your head to a more comfortable position for you.

        b.  The position of the chair can be adjusted to a range of heights.


11. regularly adv., occurring at fixed intervals

         a. She brushes regularly after every meal.

         b. I have to remind my son regularly to brush his teeth.


12. restore v., to bring back to an original condition

         a. The cleaning restored the whiteness of my teeth.

         b. I will talk to my dentist about whether she knows any procedure to restore the parts of my teeth that I have ground away.

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