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Study the following definitions and examples.


1.      diverse adj., different; made up of distinct qualities.

a.     The Office Supply Warehouse offers a diverse range of office supplies.

b.     The diversity of staff in this office is amazing.


2.      enterprise n., a business; a large project

a.     The new enterprise quickly established an account with the office supply store.

b.     This enterprise has become unmanageable and is beginning to lose money.


3.      essential adj., indispensable, necessary

a.     Having Ann on this team is essential if we are to win the contract.

b.     A good record-keeping system is an essential component of inventory control.


4.      everyday adj., routine, common, ordinary

a.     Though they are more expensive, these folders will withstand everyday wear and tear.

b.     This everyday routine of having to check inventory is boring.


5.      function v., to perform tasks

a.     The daily functioning of this office has been compromised.

b.     She functioned as the director while Mr. Gibbs was away.


6.      maintain v., to continue; to support, to sustain

a.     I've been maintaining a list of office supplies that are in greatest demand.

b.     Trying to maintain two different stockrooms is too much work.


7.      obtain v., to acquire

a.     I've been trying to obtain a list of supplies from the administrator for three weeks now.

b.     The employee obtained the report from her supervisor.


8.      prerequisite n., something that is required or necessary as a prior condition

a.     One of the prerequisites for this job is competence in bookkeeping.

b.     Here are the prerequisites that you need to purchase before coming to class.


9.      quality n., a distinguishing characteristic; a degree of excellence

a.     The most important qualities we look for in a supplier are reliability and quick response.

b.     The quality of their clothes has fallen ever since they started using cheaper fabrics to make them.


10.     smooth adj., without difficulties; deliberately polite and agreeable in order to win favor

a.     The transition to the new supplier went smoothly and there was no inter­ruption in shipments.

b.     Her smooth manner won her the appreciation of the manager but not her colleagues.


11.     source n., the origin

a.     I can't tell you the source of this information.

b.     The source of this rare pottery that we are selling in our shop is a small village in India.


12.     stationery n., writing paper and envelopes

a.     We do not have enough stationery, so please order some more.

b.     The new stationery featured the company's logo in blue ink at the top of the page.

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