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Questions below refer to the following advertisement.


Sunny one-bedroom apartment
in small, six-apartment building.


Convenient location—bus, stores,
restaurants nearby.

Available on the fifteenth of the month.

For more information call 637-1220
evenings and weekends.

1. What is being rented?
A. One bedroom.
B. Six apartments.
C. $950.
D. One apartment.

2. When can a new tenant move in?
A. In fifteen days.
B. As soon as the rent is paid.
C. On the weekend.
D. On the fifteenth day of the month.

3. What does the ad tell us about the place for rent?
A. It is small.
B. It is available this weekend.
C. It is cheaper than nearby apartments.
D. It is close to restaurants and stores.
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