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Study the following definitions and examples.


1.  agent n., a representative of a company

        a.  A travel agent can usually find you the best deals on tickets and hotels.

        b.  You can buy your ticket from the ticket agent at the train station right before you get on the train.


2.  announcement n., a public notification

        a.  Did you hear an announcement about our new departure time?

        b.  I expect an announcement any time now about a snow emergency at the airport.


3.  beverage n., a drink other than plain water

        a.  The flight attendant offered all passengers a cold beverage during the flight.

        b.  The restaurant had a range of beverages on the drinks menu, including soft drinks and juices.


4.  blanket n., a covering for keeping warm, especially during sleep; any full coverage; v., to cover uniformly

        a.  It's going to be a cold night so I'll ask housekeeping to send an extra blanket for our bed.

        b.  The snow blanketed the windshield, making it difficult to see the roads.


5.  board v., to enter a boat, plane, or train

        a.  For security reasons, visitors are not allowed in the area of the airport where passengers board the planes.

        b.  We will board the train for New York in ten minutes.


6.  claim v., to take as rightful; to retrieve

        a.  Please proceed directly to the baggage arrival area to claim your luggage.

        b.  Lost luggage can be claimed at the airline office.


7.  delay v., to postpone until a later time

        a.  The bus was delayed due to inclement weather.

        b.  The heavy traffic delayed our arrival at the train station.


8.  depart v., to go away or leave; to vary from a regular course of action.

        a.  After the wedding, the married couple departed for their honeymoon in Morocco.

        b.  We're going to depart from our usual policy and allow you to leave work early one day a week.


9.  embarkation n., the process of getting on a plane or ship

        a.  Cruise passengers are given a pass for embarkation when they check in at the dock.

        b.  The flight crew must check the passengers' documents before embarkation.


10. itinerary n., a proposed route for a journey, showing dates and means of travel

          a. He reviewed the itinerary the travel agent had faxed him before purchasing the ticket.

          b. I had to change my itinerary when I decided to add two more countries to my vacation.


11. prohibit v., to forbid by authority or to prevent

          a. We were prohibited from wearing casual clothes in the office.

          b. Airline regulations prohibit the passengers from having beverages open during takeoff and landing.


12. valid adj., having legal efficacy or correctness

          a. I need to make certain that my passport is valid if we plan to go overseas this December.

          b. The officer's argument for increased airport security seemed valid at the time.


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