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Study the following definitions and examples.


1.  acquire v., to gain possession of; to get by one's own efforts

        a.  The museum acquired a Van Gogh during heavy bidding.

        b.  The sculptor acquired metalworking skills after much practice.


2.  admire v., to regard with pleasure; to have esteem or respect for

        a.  Raisa, admiring the famous smile, stood before the Mona Lisa for hours.

        b.  I admire all the effort the museum put into organizing this wonderful exhibit.


3.  collection n., a group of objects or works to be seen, studied, or kept together

        a.  The museum's collection contained many works donated by famous collectors.

        b.  The museum's collection kept two full-time curators busy.


4.  criticism n., an evaluation, especially of literary or other artistic works

        a.  According to the criticism of the Victorian era, the painting was a masterpiece; now it is considered merely a minor work.

        b.  The revered artist's criticism of the piece was particularly insightful.


5.  express v., to give an opinion or depict emotion

        a.  The sculptor was able to express his feelings better through the use of clay rather than words.

        b.  The photograph expresses a range of emotions.


6.  fashion n., the prevailing style or custom

        a.  According to the fashion of the day, the languid pose of the sculpture was high art.

        b.  The museum's classical architecture has never gone out of fashion.


7.  leisure n., freedom from time-consuming duties; free time

        a.  The woman took up painting in her retirement, when she had more leisure time.

        b.  We can go to the permanent collection at our leisure.


8.  respond v., to make a reply; to react

        a.  You should respond to the invitation to attend the museum gala.

        b.  The visitors who viewed those poignant photographs responded emotionally.


9.  schedule v., to enter in a planner or diary

        a.  We didn't schedule enough time to see all the exhibits that we were interested in.

        b.  The museum is scheduling a collection of works by Japanese masters.


10. significant adj., meaningful; having a major effect; important

        a.  The use of lambs to symbolize innocence is significant in Western art.

        b.  The rash of new acquisitions represented a significant change in the museum's policies.


11. specialize v., to concentrate on a particular activity

        a.  The art historian specialized in Navajo rugs.

        b.  The museum shop specializes in Ming vases.


12. spectrum n., a range of related qualities, ideas, or activities

        a.  The painting crosses the spectrum from symbolic to realistic representation.

        b. The whole spectrum of artistic expression was represented in the exhibit.

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