Vocabulary --> Word review #1 Lesson 1-5 General Business

I. Choose the word that best completes the sentence:

1. If we think ..............., we can come up with a plan that promises success.
A. strategist
B. strategize
C. strategically
D. strategic

2. The timing belt ............... shows signs of wear after about 180,000 miles.
A. characterize
B. characteristic
C. character
D. characteristically

3. I don′t want to intrude, but would you like me to ............... how to use that machine?
A. demonstration
B. demonstrate
C. demonstrator
D. demonstrative

4. If there is any ............... of the director′s involvement, we need to follow up swiftly and thoroughly.
A. imply
B. implicit
C. implicated
D. implication

5. I don′t feel any ............... to give my boss more than two weeks notice when I leave.
A. obliged
B. obligation
C. obligatory
D. oblige

II. Choose the word or phrase that best completes the blanks:

One-Year Limited Warranty
This warranty (1)............... the purchaser from all malfunctions of the product due to defects in materials or workmanship. Only the original purchaser of the product is covered. Resale of the product automatically invalidates this warranty. This warranty (2)............... the manufacturer to repair any defective product or to refund the full purchase price to the purchaser, at the manufacturer's discretion. The manufacturer's liability does not exceed the purchase price of the product. This warranty does not imply that the purchaser has any rights in the case of a defective product beyond those stated herein. This warranty (3)............... one year from the date of purchase. A receipt or other proof of purchase is required in order to make claims under the terms of this warranty.

A. protects
B. protection
C. protectors
D. protective

A. require
B. is requiring
C. has required
D. requires

A. should expire
B. will expire
C. might expire
D. can expire
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