Vocabulary --> Word review #4 Lesson 16-20 Purchasing

I. Choose the word that best completes the sentence:

1. Although ............... expenses works well when applying for a contract, clients appreciate itemization on their invoices.
A. estimate
B. estimated
C. estimator
D. estimation

2. In order to ............... our lead in the market, we′ll have to find a cheaper source of industrial supplies.
A. maintain
B. maintainable
C. maintainability
D. maintaining

3. Having an accurate inventory count is a good ............... on a competent store manager.
A. reflective
B. reflection
C. reflectively
D. reflect

4. The client would appreciate it if the invoice could be sent ............... so he can pay it before the end of the fiscal year.
A. promptly
B. promptness
C. prompted
D. prompt

5. It is wise to begin by ............... of equipment an inventory on hand.
A. compiler
B. compilation
C. compile
D. compiling

II. Choose the word or phrase that best completes the blanks:

Attention Bargain Hunters!
Greene's Department Store is having its biggest sale ever. Every single item in the store is on sale at unbelievable prices. That's right—all merchandise, including clothes, shoes, toys, sports equipment, home furnishing, music, and music equipment, is 25 to 75 percent off the usual price.
* Have you always wanted (1)............... the underwater world? We have diving equipment on sale at 50 percent off.
* Would you like to sleep in a more (2)............... bed? The prices of beds, mattresses, and bedroom furniture have been reduced by 35 percent.
* Do you dream of (3)............... your CD collection? Now you can, at a more than affordable price. All CDs, including classical, jazz, rock, and pop, are on sale at three for the price of one.
Visit Greene's for the bargains of a lifetime. Sale ends Sunday.

A. to explore
B. exploring
C. explore
D. explores

A. comfort
B. comfortable
C. comforter
D. comfortably

A. can expand
B. expansion
C. expanding
D. will expand
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