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Study the following definitions and examples.


1.       attract v., to draw by appeal

a.      The display attracted a number of people at the convention.

b.      The new advertising attracts the wrong kind of customer into the store.


2.       compare v., to examine similarities and differences

a.      Once the customer compared the two products, her choice was easy.

b.      The price for this brand is high compared to the other brands on the market.


3.       competition n., a contest or struggle

a.      In the competition for afternoon diners, Hector's has come out on top.

b.      The company has decided not to join the growing competition for dominance in the semiconductor market.


4.       consume v., to absorb; to use up

a.      The business plans consumed all of Fritz's attention this fall.

b.      This printer consumes more toner than the downstairs printer.


5.       convince v., to bring to believe by argument; to persuade

a.      The salesman convinced his customer to buy his entire inventory of pens.

b.      Before a business can convince customers that it provides a quality product, it must convince its marketing staff.


6.       currently adv., happening at the present time; now

a.      We are currently exploring plans to update the MX3 model.

b.      Currently, customers are demanding big discounts for bulk orders.


7.       fad n., a practice followed enthusiastically for a short time; a craze

a.      The mini dress was a fad once thought to be finished, but now it is making a comeback.

b.      Classic tastes may seem boring but they have proven to resist fads.


8.       inspiration n., a thing or person that arouses a feeling

a.       His work is an inspiration to the marketing department.

b.       Marta's high sales in Spain were an inspiration to other European reps.


9.       market v., the course of buying and selling a product; n., the demand for a product

a.      When Omar first began making his chutneys, he marketed them door-to-door to gourmet shops.

b.      The market for brightly colored clothing was brisk last year, but it's moving sluggishly this year.


10.       persuasion n., the power to influence; a deep conviction or belief

a.      The seminar teaches techniques of persuasion to increase sales.

b.      Under his persuasion, she returned to school for her MBA.


11.       productive adj., constructive; high yield

a.      The unproductive sales meeting brought many staff complaints.

b.      Alonzo is excited about his productive staff.


12.       satisfaction n., happiness

a.      Your satisfaction is guaranteed or you'll get your money back.

b.      We will print the advertisement to your satisfaction.


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