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Study the following definitions and examples.


1.      adjustment n., a change in order to match

a.     With these adjustments to the numbers of screws and nuts, we are close to having an accurate count.

b.     An adjustment to the number of damaged items would help us align our figures.


2.      automatically adv., independently, without outside prompting

a.     The program automatically sends an e-mail response to all messages while she's out of town.

b.     The door opens automatically.


3.      crucial adj., extremely significant or important

a.      Knowing how many products we have in stock is crucial to our shipping procedures.

b.      Inventory is a crucial process and must be taken seriously by all staff.


4.      discrepancy n., a divergence or disagreement

a.     We easily explained the discrepancy between the two counts.

b.     Unless you catch the error immediately, the discrepancy gets entered into the computer and becomes very difficult to correct.


5.      disturb v., to interfere with; to interrupt

a.      Let's see how many products we can count in advance of inventory so we disturb fewer customers.

b.      I hope I'm not disturbing you, but I need to ask you to move so I can record the products behind you.


6.      liability n., an obligation; a responsibility

a.     The store's insured liability protects against theft and damaged inventory.

b.     The slippery steps were a terrible liability for the store.


7.      reflection n., a likeness, an image

a.     She saw her reflection in the mirror.

b.     The reflection in the glass made it hard for her to distinguish how many were on the shelf.


8.      run v., to operate

a.     As long as the computer is running, you can keep adding new data.

b.     We'll be running inventory next weekend, so don't make any other plans.


9.      scan v., to look over quickly

a.     The computer's optical disk scanned in the price and ordering information.

b.     Jasmine quickly scanned the list to see if any information was missing.


10.      subtract v., to take away; to deduct

a.     Once you ring up an item, the computer automatically subtracts it from the inventory log.

b.     Whoever did the inventory forgot to subtract the items that arrived damaged and were never put into the stockroom.


11.      tedious adj., tiresome by reason of length, slowness, or dullness; boring

a.     This may be tedious work but you will be glad the inventory is accurate when you hit the busy holiday sales season.

b.     Counting merchandise all weekend is the most tedious job I can imagine.


12.      verify v., to prove the truth of

a.      I can't verify the accuracy of these numbers, since I was not present for inventory weekend.

b.      The inventory process verifies that you have accounted for all the items that are supposed to be in the store.

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