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KOREA POST: Business Travelers Feel the Stress
New studies have shown that business travelers are more likely to suffer from heart failure, high blood pressure, and arthritis than those who only travel for pleasure.
Besides being cramped for long periods of time in airplanes, buses, and taxis, business travelers often experience tense muscles and are more subject to back spasms and blood clots than those who don't travel often. In addition, business travelers rarely get a good night's sleep.
Dr. Ky-Yung Hwang of the Busan Sleep Lab says that people (1)............... always travel with their own pillow. "If business travelers can bring their laptops on board, there's no reason why they can't bring their own pillow," said Dr. Ky-Yung in a recent radio interview. An even (2)............... solution, according to celebrity doctor Dr. Kim-He Gun, from the hit television series Ask the Specialist, is to avoid business travel altogether.
The studies have also shown that time away from families can be detrimental to family life. After all, everything from (3)............... meals to driving kids to and from school is affected when one parent goes away on business.

A. can't
B. might
C. will
D. should

A. greatest
B. good
C. the best
D. better

A. preparation
B. prepare
C. preparing
D. prepared
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