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Study the following definitions and examples.


1. comprehensive adj., covering broadly; inclusive

        a.  The conductor has a comprehensive knowledge of rail systems from all over the world.

        b.  Our travel agent gave us a comprehensive travel package, including rail passes.


2. deluxe adj., noticeably luxurious

        a.  My parents decided to splurge on deluxe accommodations for their trip.

        b.  The train station is not near any of the deluxe hotels, so we will have to take a taxi.


3. directory n., a book or collection of information or directions

        a.  We consulted the directory to see where the train station was located.

        b.  By calling directory assistance, Mr. Scannel was able to get the phone number for the train station.


4. duration n., the time during which something lasts

        a.  Mother lent me her spare jacket for the duration of the trip.

        b.  Despite our personal differences, my roommate and I agreed to be as pleasant as possible for the duration of the train ride.


5. entitle v., to allow or qualify

        a.  During the holiday rush, a train ticket entitled the passenger to a ride, but not necessarily a seat.

        b.  The mess the train line made of Pedro's sleeping room reservations entitled him to a free upgrade to a better room.


6. fare n., the money paid for transportation

        a.  The train fare has increased since I rode last.

        b.  Pay your fare at the ticket office and you will get a ticket to board the train.


7. offset v., to counterbalance

        a.  The high cost of the hotel room offset the savings we made by taking the train instead of the plane.

        b.  By reducing her transportation costs once in the United States, Mrs. Sato offset the cost of getting to this country.


8. operate v., to perform a function

        a.   The train operates on a punctual schedule.

        b.  The train only operates in this area at the height of the tourist season.


9. punctually adv., promptly; on time

        a.   Please be on time; the train leaves punctually at noon.

        b.   The train usually arrives punctually; I can't imagine what is delaying it today.


10. relatively adv., somewhat

        a.   The train is relatively empty for this time of day.

        b.   The train station has been relatively busy for a weekday.


11. remainder n., the part that is left; leftover

         a. The Alaskan frontier has train service in the summer, but for the remainder of the year the tracks are impassable.

         b. We will move you to a less expensive room and credit the remainder of what you've already paid to your charge card.


12. remote adj., far away; not close to populated areas

         a. I was surprised to find train service to such a remote location.

         b. We took the train out of the city and found a remote hotel in the country for the weekend.


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