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Study the following definitions and examples.


1.  burden n., a responsibility; something that is carried

         a. The secretary usually takes on the burden of ordering lunch for business meetings.

         b. The deliver/man's back ached from the heavy burden he carried.


2.  commonly adv., usually, habitually

         a. The people who work in this building commonly order their lunch from the sandwich shop on the first floor.

         b. The restaurants in this area commonly serve office workers and are only open during the week.


3.  delivery n., the act of conveying or delivering

         a. The caterer hired a courier to make the delivery.

         b. The restaurant is reluctant to make deliveries, but makes an exception for our office.


4.  elegance n., refinement, beauty, grace

         a. The elegance of the restaurant made it a pleasant place to eat.

         b. A sandwich may lack elegance, but it makes a convenient and inexpensive lunch.


5.  fall to v., to become one's responsibility

         a.  The task of preparing the meal fell to the assistant chef when the chief chef was ill.

         b.  The menu was in French, so ordering for us fell to Monique, who spoke French.


6.  impress v., to affect strongly, often favorably

         a.  I was impressed with how quickly they delivered our lunch.

         b.  If you want to impress the new staff member, order her a nice lunch.


7.  individual adj., by or for one person; special; particular

         a.  We had the delivery man mark the contents of each individual order.

         b.  The jaunty whistle of the delivery woman marked her individual style.


8.  list n., a series of names, words, or other items

         a.  The office manager compiled a list of everyone's order.

         b.  We keep a list of all the restaurants in this area that deliver.


9.  multiple adj., having, relating to, or consisting of more than one part

         a.  The delivery person was not able to keep track of the multiple order, causing a food mix-up.

         b.  It takes multiple steps to get into this building, which frustrates all our employees.


10. profession n., an occupation requiring considerable training and specialized study

         a.   Cooking is considered as much a profession as is law or medicine.

         b.   Lulu took up cooking as her profession and is very happy with her decision.


11. relinquish v., to let go; to surrender

         a.   People find it hard to relinquish their accustomed food preferences and try something new.

         b.   After Claude married Kiki, he had to relinquish his exclusive hold on the kitchen and learn to share the joys of cooking.


12. theme n., an implicit or recurrent idea; a motif

         a.   The caterers prepared food for a party with a tropical island theme.

         b.   The restaurant's food and decor demonstrated its southwestern theme.


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