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Study the following definitions and examples.


1.  consult v., to seek advice or information of

        a.  The doctor consulted with a specialist before writing a new prescription.

        b.  May I consult with you about a drug interaction case I have?


2.  control v., to exercise authoritative or dominating influence over

        a.  To control the cost of this medication, you may get the generic version.

        b.  Please take your medication every day to control your high blood pressure.


3.  convenient adj., suited or favorable to one's purpose; easy to reach

        a.  Is this a convenient location for you to pick up your prescription?

        b.  It is convenient to have a pharmacy right across the street from my doctor's office.


4.  detect v., to discover or ascertain

        a.  My doctor put me through some simple tests to detect if I have asthma.

        b.  I have to keep track of my sleep patterns to detect how many times I get up in the night.


5.  factor n., a contribution to an accomplishment, a result, or a process

        a.  Taking medications as directed is an important factor in getting well.

        b.  Could my cat be a factor contributing to my asthma?


6.  interaction n., a mutual activity

        a.  My pharmacist was concerned about the interaction of the two medications I was prescribed.

        b.  The interaction between the patient and the doctor showed a high level of trust.


7.  limit n., the point beyond which something cannot proceed

        a.  My prescription has a limit of three refills.

        b.  My health plan authorization sets a limit on which health care providers I can see without their permission.


8.  monitor v., to keep track of

        a.  The nurse practitioner carefully monitors the number of medications her patients are taking.

        b.  The patient had weekly appointments so that the doctor could monitor her progress.


9.  potential adj., capable of being but not yet in existence; possible

        a.  To avoid any potential side effects from the medication, be sure to tell your doctor all the drugs you are currently taking.

        b.  Given the potential delay in getting reimbursed by the health plan, why don't we just fill one prescription today?


10. sample n., a portion, piece, or segment that is representative of a whole

        a.  The pharmacist gave Myra a few free samples of the allergy medication.

        b.   A sample of the population taking the new medicine was surveyed to determine whether it caused side effects.


11. sense n., a judgment; an intellectual interpretation

        a.  The doctor had a good sense about what the problem was but wanted to get a second opinion.

        b.  I got the sense it would be better to get my prescription filled right away.


12. volunteer v., to perform as a volunteer

        a.  My doctor volunteered to call the drugstore, so my medication would be waiting for me.

        b.  Since Tom was feeling so unwell, his son volunteered to pick up his prescription at the pharmacy for him.


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