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Study the following definitions and examples.


1.  action n., the series of events that form the plot of a story or play

         a. The director decided that the second act needed more action and asked the playwright to review the work.

         b. The action on stage was spellbinding.


2.  approach v., to go near; to move toward

         a. The performance approaches perfection.

         b. The director approached the play from an unusual angle.


3.  audience n., the spectators at a performance

         a. The audience cheered the actors as they walked off the stage.

         b. The playwright expanded his audience by writing for film as well as for stage.


4.  creative adj., imaginative or artistic

         a. The writer's creative representation of the Seven Deadly Sins was astounding.

         b. There are a number of creative people writing for the theater these days.


5.  dialogue n., a conversation between two or more persons

         a. The actors performed the dialogue without using scripts.

         b. The written dialogue seemed great, but was hard to perform.


6.  element n., fundamental or essential constituent

         a. The audience is an essential element of live theater.

         b. By putting together all the elements of theater into one play, he overwhelmed the critics.


7.  experience n., an event or a series of events participated in or lived through

         a. The experience of live theater is very thrilling.

         b. Going to the theater was not part of Claude's experience growing up.


8.  occur v., to take place; to come about

         a. The murder in the play occurs in the second act.

         b. It never occurred to me that the wife whom the character referred to was imaginary.


9.  perform v., to act before an audience, to give a public presentation of

         a. The theater group performed a three-act play.

         b. Juan performed the role without forgetting any lines.


10. rehearse v., to practice in preparation for a public performance; to direct in rehearsal

         a. The players rehearsed for only three weeks before the show opened.

         b. The director rehearses with the actors ten hours each day.


11. review n., a critical estimate of a work or performance; v., writing a criticism of a performance

         a. The critic's influential review of the play was so negative that it sank the entire production.

         b. The newspaper sent a rank amateur to review the play.


12. sell out v., to sell all the tickets

         a. The Broadway opening sold out months in advance.

         b. We expect that this play will be a smash and sell out quickly.

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