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Study the following definitions and examples.


1.  attainment n., achievement

         a. The actress received a lot of attention for her many professional attainments.

         b. The attainment of an Academy Award validates a performer's career.


2.  combine v., to come together

         a. The director combined two previously separate visual techniques.

         b. The new production company combines the talents of three of Hollywood's best known teams.


3.  continue v., to maintain without interruption

         a. The film continues the story set out in an earlier film.

         b. The search for a star will continue until one is found.


4.  description n., a representation in words or pictures

         a. The description of the film did not match what we saw on screen.

         b. The critic's description of the film made it sound very appealing.


5.  disperse v., to spread widely, to scatter

         a.  The reporters dispersed after the press agent cancelled the interview with the film director.

         b.  The crowd outside the movie premiere would not disperse until they had seen the movie stars.


6.  entertainment n., a diverting performance or activity

         a.  The movie was provided for our entertainment.

         b.  There was no entertainment for children of guests at the hotel.


7.  influence v., to alter or affect

         a.  The editor's style influenced a generation of film editors.

         b.  The producer was able to influence the town council to allow her to film in the park.


8.  range n., the scope

         a.  The range of the director's vision is impressive.

         b.  What is the price range you are willing to pay for a ticket to the premiere?


9.  release v., to make available to the public; to give permission for performance

a.  The film was finally released to movie theaters after many delays.

b.  The producers of the film are hoping to release it in time for the holidays.


10. representation n., exemplification; symbolization

         a.   The actor's representation of his character did not seem authentic.

         b.   The film's representation of world poverty through the character of the hungry child was quite moving.


11. separately adv., apart

         a.   Each scene of the movie was filmed separately from the others.

         b.   The theater was very crowded so we had to sit separately.


12. successive adj., following in order

         a.   The script went through successive rewrites.

         b.   Somehow the successive images were interrupted and had to be edited again.


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