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Listen to the talk. Then read each question and choose the best answer:

Questions below refer to the following announcement.

Attention, all shoppers! Rush now to Tim Holton′s for a very special offer. Yes, shoppers, from now until noon you can enjoy the special taste of Tim′s many varieties of donuts or a delicious sandwich or one of their aromatic coffees at very special prices. Why don′t you sit down, and rest your weary legs? Your choice of coffee and donut will cost you only two dollars. The sandwich and donut set is only three dollars. Yes, shoppers, up until twelve o′clock, a delicious cup of the best brewed coffee and a donut set will cost you only two dollars, and a sandwich set will cost only three dollars. That′s half the original price, shoppers. Don′t miss out!

1. Where is the announcement most likely taking place?
A. At a mall.
B. At a sandwich store.
C. At a doctor's office.
D. At a coffee shop.
2. What is the original cost of a sandwich set?
A. Four dollars.
B. Six dollars.
C. Two dollars.
D. Three dollars.
3. When will the special offer end?
A. This evening.
B. Tomorrow.
C. This weekend.
D. At noon.
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