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Listen to the talk. Then read each question and choose the best answer:

(M) I would like to take a moment to welcome our new staff members. Jim Lewis comes to us from Park & Schiefer in Los Angeles. He specializes in international business investment. He speaks Chinese and Japanese and is learning Vietnamese. He will be a great asset to our clients interested in Asian business ventures. His wife, Wendy, from Richards, Dawson, and McCadam, is a marketing expert. She was based for many years in Switzerland and is well versed in European marketing techniques. She has already taken on two of our more particular clients with ease. We look forward to working with both of them and welcome them to New York. For those of you taking business trips to LA, the Lewis′s know all the best restaurants there.

1. What is Jim Lewis′s area of expertise?
A. Teaching foreign languages
B. European marketing techniques
C. Difficult clients
D. Business investments in Asia
2. What is the purpose of this announcement?
A. To announce company profits
B. To introduce new staff members
C. To discuss hiring more new employees
D. To announce a company merger
3. Where did Wendy Lewis live for many years?
A. New York
B. China
C. Vietnam
D. Switzerland
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